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Seniors Insurance


Planning for the future is vital for your financial independence in the Triangle. If you’re ready to retire or are just preparing for an upcoming retirement, we’ll provide financial counseling to answer your questions about insurance options for seniors. We offer information about Medicare, supplemental health insurance plans, prescription drug plans, long-term care, and affordable life insurance for seniors. With The Fourie Group insurance in Cary, NC, you can enjoy your retirement knowing the choices you made will allow you a financially secure future. Our seniors insurance services include:

Medicare Supplements
When it comes to finding a good Medicare supplement policy, The Fourie Group insurance will support and guide you through what can be a difficult and sometimes challenging experience. Lean on us to estimate expenses for medical coverage, explain all the options, and help you find a clear choice so you can relax and enjoy retirement. read more

Long-Term Care
In retirement, you still have plans for the future, but unexpected emergencies often come along with increased activity and advancing age. And with rising life expectancies, the need for long-term care insurance coverages continues to grow.With help from The Fourie Group insurance, you can smile because you have coverage you need for a safe and secure future. read more

Life Insurance
You’ve achieved a lot, but at this stage of life you’ve realized that enjoying family and friends and making the most of retirement is what’s important. The Fourie Group insurance can help you create a legacy through a variety of life insurance options including term, universal and whole life products, so you can feel good that your loved ones will be well taken care of. read more

Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact us now to help you select the best senior insurance plan for you and your spouse.